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Travel Advices

Adventure travel is unique because of challenging terrain, extreme weather, remote locales, and longer durations.   Accidents are rarely due to a single event. Multiple events usually occur in sequence preceding an accident. Travelers should be vigilant about the probability and consequence of risk, and try to make good decisions before they get into trouble.


Before Your Trip

- Get in shape and prepare properly. Many adventure activities are physically demanding, so it's important to be ready and know your limits.


- Bring necessary supplies, including proper clothing and safety gear. Check the weather forecast if possible every 2 days before and during the trip  at Mountain Forecast. Your destination and activities will determine the specific gear you need.


- Visit a travel health specialist at least a month before your trip. They can provide vaccines, medicines, and information specific to your destination. Discuss your health, itinerary, and activities for tailored advice.

- Plan for the unexpected. Being prepared for unforeseen events ensures you get quality health care or avoid being stranded. If you book through travel agency,they can assist if problems

- Check for self-guided packages from Backcountry Albania for more detailed tips for your trip to ensure you have everything you need for your trip. Confirm reservations with guesthouses and public transportation schedules to make sure your booking is available.

- Wear appropriate clothing and gear for bad weather. Pack the following for your upper body:

Base Layer , softshell/Windshirt , mid Layers (two for cold weather) , rain Jacket , rain pants , Socks                                   

- Make sure to choose the itineraries that fit your physical, mental, and economic conditions.Depending on the weather coinditions you have to fit the equipments,clothes and physycal conditions.

During Your Travel

- Follow your guide's instructions if you have one.

- An e-sim card will provide internet access, helping you find locations easily.

- In Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo, you can pay in Euros. Albania also uses its own currency, the lek, but Euros are widely accepted.

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