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The Peaks of The Balkan Trail

The "Peaks of the Balkans" trail traverses one of the remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans. Utilizing shepherd paths and footways, the trail meanders through high alpine mountains reaching up to 2300 meters above sea level. It showcases a diverse array of landscapes, ranging from verdant valleys to crystal-clear mountain lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and quaint, remote villages where time appears to stand still. It's truly a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike.

Until two decades ago, this region was largely inaccessible to visitors, lending it an authentic cultural charm and adventurous appeal to those who now trek across the three nations of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Stretching 192 kilometers, the trail is aptly named the Peace Trail as it signifies a departure from the conflicts that once ravaged these lands during the Balkans wars. Today, it serves as a pathway for peaceful exploration, allowing hikers to traverse borders and witness a region in the midst of development.

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Albanian Alps tour

The Albanian Alps tour is offered by Backcountry Albania as a package for adventurous individuals who want to spend four days in Northern Albania. The tour is designed for those who wish to experience camping in remote locations and witness the breathtaking beauty of the Albanian Alps. The trails wind around Jezerca Peak, the highest summit in the Albanian Alps and the sixth-highest in the Balkans. With stunning alpine lakes, mountain passes, and picturesque villages along the way, this trail is ideal for adventurous souls seeking outdoor exploration. The tour runs from May to October, providing an opportunity for adventurers to immerse themselves in the Balkan wilderness. The tour is a backpacking adventure, where all participants will carry their own gear. Spanning 37 kilometers in length and featuring an elevation gain of 3130 meters uphill and 3104 meters downhill, the tour promises a challenging yet rewarding experience for those seeking an unforgettable journey in the Albanian Alps


Backcountry Albania Adventure

This package is designed for people who want to experience a variety of outdoor activities during a tour, as well as for those who want to learn how to live outdoors. One day of the tour will be dedicated to learning essential skills such as equipment use, clothing selection, fire making, shelter building, and outdoor cooking. All equipment will be provided by Backcountry Albania as outlined in the package information. The trip promises an exciting mix of outdoor activities, including biking, tree camping, bouldering, and trekking. You'll explore the most beautiful parts of North Albania, cycling through picturesque villages, camping in stunning locations, and embarking on thrilling bouldering adventures in Valbona Valley. Get ready for the ultimate outdoor experience in Albania! The tour will be avalaible March - June and October - Decembre.



If you are a mountain lover with previous mountaineering experience and good physical fitness looking for a unique adventure, then this tour to summit the highest peak in the Albanian Alps is tailor-made for you. Led by experienced mountain guide Erind, who boasts 9 years of alpine climbing expertise in these mountains, your safety and expert guidance are assured throughout the journey. The tour is available from March to June. Backcountry Albania provides all necessary equipment for this exhilarating activity and can accommodate groups of up to 8 people. The most popular summits include Jezerca at 2694 meters above sea level, Iron Peak at 2651 meters, Kollata at 2556 meters, and Boshi Peak at 2416 meters

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Backcountry Albania Basecamp


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Backcountry Albania Basecamp

This activity will be one of the wildest landscapes of all the tours. Snowshoeing in the highlands will take us on a 4-day adventure, resembling the 'White Walkers' from the Game of Thrones series! Camping on the snow and seeing huts in the highlands covered in snow will be a special experience for all who want to try it. The tour will be available from March to May. During this period, the highlands are less cold, making it perfect for those who want to try the Wim Hof Method. All equipment needed will be provided by Backcountry Albania, as stated in the information package

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